GRANUDAN, Sealer 800W

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Granudan Sealer 800W (Water-based)

This new chemistry outperforms all previous water-based sealers and even have some of the great characteristics also found in our primers. The water-based Sealer 800W is particularly resistant to newer aggressive infusion resins (vinyl esters, epoxies etc.) and effectively covers micro-porosity with the formation of a tough durable film with superior abrasion resistance on mold surface.

When applied with appropriate semi-permanent release agent, this product provides multiple, effortless releases. Granudan Sealer 800W can be applied on all types of surfaces (composites, metal, PU, glass, plywood etc.)

Combined with our water-based slipcoats “Aqua Slipcoat 506“, “Release 707”, ”Release 3050W” or “Watershield“, you´ll get Granudan’s well-known water-based release system dedicated to fiberglass production.

This product is easy to use and contains no (PFAS) fluorine-containing substances and is therefore not harmful to the environment or in the production.

Curing time: 180 min. at ambient temperature – or shorter when heating up mold surface.

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Minimum purchase 1 can (5 litres)


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Granudan, Sealer 800W

Product information:

Sealer 800W is an exceptionally strong water-based sealer that can be used on all types of surfaces. When you use Sealer 800W, you have a highly effective and environmentally friendly Sealer that can solve the tasks and fulfill the HSE requirements that are placed on the modern production company today.


  1. The mold surface is lightly moistened with hand spray, “cotton cloth” or a “mop” for large mold surfaces. Then wipe the droplets into a continuous film using a clean cloth / microfiber pad.
  2. Before the release coating dries, wipe with a second clean, dry cloth / microfiber pad to thin the film and aid with carrier evaporation. Replace cloths if needed to ensure adequate absorption and drying.
  3. Repeat in the same manner in rows/sections, overlapping slightly to ensure full coverage of the mold.
  4. Let cure for 15 minutes between coats.
  5. Apply next coats of Sealer 800W in the same manner for a total of 2 – 4 coats. Allow the final coat to cure for a minimum of 180 minutes at ambient temperature before applying gelcoat, layup or molding. We recommend to shorten curing time by heating up mold surface.
  6. The mold surface is now ready to be coated with slipcoat.

If a solvent-based alternative to this product is needed, we recommend our “Granudan Sealer GP” which is a highly globally recognized and effective sealer for the protection of molds and tools. Remember, You can combine the use of solventbased Sealer GP as protective mold barrier during maintenance with the use of a water based release agent on daily basis.

Granudan Sealer GP” also acts as a quick primer for e.g. our “Zyvax Flex-Z 1.0 – 6.0 products” and thus significantly extends the strength, performance and life of the mold.

Before application, the mold must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure correct bonding from our sealers to mold surface. We recommend using our cleaner: “Granudan Mold Cleaner“, “Granudan WaterClean” or “Granudan GR-08“.

For abrasive cleaning (removal of resin build-up) use our “Smirdex” abrasives for tough epoxy surfaces, and our polishing pastes from “Farécla” for high gloss finishing.

For worn out mold surfaces or surfaces with large porosity, we recommend using our primer “MPP C2698W” before applying sealer and release agent.

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