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Solid surface designs

Chromat is a decorative filler that is widely used in the manufacture of solid surface products for creating a granite, sand, stone, dust and other contemporary effects.

Carefully chosen ingredients and specially deployed processing techniques make Chromat a suitable decorative filler to produce of kitchen worktops, and sanitary ware as well as panels and flooring.

Colors are precisely matched by master color specialists and controlled to provide accuracy in color and patterns.

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The product

Chromat is polyester based decorative granules. Our granules are used in a variety of applications including the casting of polyester and acrylic solid surface products, epoxy flooring and many others.

Chromat is made with NPG Isophthalic resin, a blend of Aluminum Tri-hydrate and pigments free from heavy metals. The mixture is fully hot cured at temperatures exceeding 160°C to produce a highly resilient, hard and stable product. The granules are classified with ISO approved stainless steel screens in order to achieve a reliable and consistent particle sizes.

Color range

There are more then 40 base colors in stock and each one is produced in 12 particle sizes. The composition of a blend is dependent on the colors selected, the particle sizes of each color and the particle dispersal or distribution within the blend.

Characteristics of Chromat chips

  • Stain resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • UV stabilized
  • Food safe
  • Acrylic compatible
  • Polyester compatible
  • Epoxy compatible
  • Good wet-out
  • Good viscosity
  • Good flow

Grain sizes:






























Granulater worktop

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