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Zyvax & Granudan has developed an exclusive range of products called “BreeZ” distributed by Granudan globally.

The ZYVAX releases, were brought on to the market in the late 80’s. Since then, they have gathered the highest awards among users throughout the industries they have been introduced to. Zyvax Release System is based on special formulated polymers, which cures on the surface of the mold; therefore no build-up or transfer of slipcoat will occur – unlike systems containing wax or silicones. Zyvax waterbased, solvent-free release coats eliminates flammables and toxic chemicals from work areas, and ensures a healthy environment for your employees – NO ODOURS, NO VOC’s, NO HAPS.

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We give you 6 ways to save money:

1. Clean chemistry

The only source for 100% waterbased Non-VOC mold preparation products and cleaners. Workers can continue their operations right next to the mold prep. operations. No smell or safety equipment.

2. Great coverage

1 Liter slipcoat covers approx. 130 m2 when properly applied.

3. Maximum production efficiency

More Parts! Now your production team can spend more time making parts and less time preparing and maintaining molds.

4. Reliable performance

The performance you expect every time, from every bottle. Our production has obtained AS9100 and ISO 9001 certification!

5. Innovation

New formulation yields parts with the correct level of matte finish even from glossy molds. New, stronger, waterbased polymer in “BreeZ” (non-VOC).

6. Economic

Great savings in time and costs in your mold maintenance departments. Curing times of only 15 minutes for both sealer and release agent, and no expensive safety equipment needed!

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