GRANUDAN, Cleaner GR-08

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Granudan Cleaner GR-08 (Water-based)

Cleaner GR-08 is effective, environmentally friendly and an alternative to solvent based products.

This water-based cleaner is an effective degreaser and removes surface contamination such as oil, wax, soap, and dust from sanding. It will not remove solvent based sealer or release agents. For this vi recommend “Granudan Mold Cleaner”

Water can be added to this product

This product is easy to use and contains no (PFAS) fluorine-containing substances and is therefore not harmful to the environment or in the production.

The price is indicated per litres

Minimum purchase 1 can (5 litres)

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Granudan Cleaner GR-08

Product information:

Granudan Cleaner GR-08 is a water-based cleaner. This product is a highly effective and environmentally friendly agent that can solve the tasks and fulfill the requirements that are placed on the modern production company today.

Fortunately, it is now possible to replace a variety of unhealthy solvents with more environmentally friendly products, and we have developed one such product here.

Use either our cotton cloths for smaller areas or the CN Standard Pro Dry Mop to clean larger forms.

For cleaning water-based sealer or release agents, we recommend “Granudan Waterclean”


  1. Apply GR-08 (mix 50/50 with water) liberally to the surface of the mold with a clean cloth. For larger area use our “TASKI Versaplus Tool” with a grey CN Standard Pro Dry pad
  2. As the dirt, dust and other contaminants begin to dissolve and loosen, remove them from the surface while still wet using a separate clean cloth. Repeat this process until the mold is clean.
  3. The cleaning cloths should be regularly replaced as they become saturated with contaminants.
  4. Repeat step 1 to 3 until the surface ”feels” clean. Use the water break free-test or the tape-test.
  5. When all the contaminants have been removed, wipe the entire surface with a clean cloth soaked with GR-08 (mix 50/50 with water) and gently buff until dry.The mold is now ready for application of our BreeZ Release system.

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