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Granudan Mold Cleaner (Solution Based)

The product is an extremely effective solvent based cleaning agent for removing, among other things, wax and oils. The product is also used when cleaning sealing and/or release agents. For a more environmentally friendly cleaning agent, Granudan recommends our two water-based products “Granudan GR-08” and “Granudan Waterclean

High content of flammable materials. Contains toluene. Only sold in the EU.

This product is easy to use and contains no (PFAS) fluorine-containing substances and is therefore not harmful to the environment or in the production.

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Minimum purchase 1 can (1 litre)

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Granudan Mold Cleaner

Product information

Mold Cleaner is our most effective solvent based cleaner in our range. This product very effectively removes all wax-containing release agents, polishing pastes and impurities from the surface of the mold without damaging it, whether the mold is made of polyester, epoxy or metal.

Mold Cleaner must always be used before the first use of Granudan Slipsystem.

For an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning agent, Granudan recommends our water-based products “Granudan Waterclean” or “Granudan GR-08


  1. Apply Mold Cleaner event to the surface with a clean soft cloth. “Granudan cotton cloth“. Work in small sections.
    For larger areas and shapes, use one of our “TASKI Versaplus Tool” with a grey CN Standard Pro Dry pad
  2. Let the cleaner sit for a few seconds to dissolve wax and other impurities. Before the liquid dries, it must be wiped with a new clean cloth.
  3. Replace waxy and dirty cloths. This procedure is continued until the entire mold is free of wax.
  4. Repeat step 1 to 3 until the surface ”feels” clean. Use the water break free-test or the tape-test.
  5. When all the contaminants have been removed, wipe the entire surface with a clean cloth soaked with Mold Cleaner, and gently buff until dry.

The mold is now ready for further processing with Granudan Slipsystem.

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