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Schütze Spray Solutions

Granudan offers market’s leading spray solutions for applying mold release agents from Alfred Schütze, Germany. Their high-quality equipment provides flexibility and user-friendliness and will assist in the application of release agents for complex moldings.

With Alfred Schütze spray solutions your investment is secured with a comprehensive program of spareparts including a high technical expertise, and quick leadtimes from Granudan Scandinavian warehouse & logistics.

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Product Overview

Spray Valve

Fine Spray Gun

Material Pressure Tank

Why Schütze?


Spray technology to us means highest standards of precision and quality. Especially the tiny parts in a spray gun influence and settle the efficiency of an apparatus. The nozzle, needle and aircap design always receives our utmost attention.
To meet the actual and future demands that are put forward to us when designing modern spray techniques we always put the level of standards to be of very high order. Continuous investments in modern production methods guarantee optimum qualities of nozzles, needles, aircaps and other components of SCHÜTZE-products.


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