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Why us

We are an independent solution provider

We are not just selling a chemical product, but a total solution for the entire process of mold maintenance. Both chemicals, application tools, service team, repair, and sanding solutions etc. When you have us, you do not need other suppliers – We are not dependent on individual manufacturers’ solutions but choose the right solutions specific to each customer – unique to the market!

We dont deliver a product
but a solution

At Granudan, we do everything we can to provide the best services to all our customers.
That is what makes us the right supplier for you!

Our solution


Application tools




A large selection of water-based products

We want to contribute to a green transition away from toxic chemicals providing a healthier work environments. That is why we are specialized in effective green chemistry. With our green products there is:
We eliminate the need for personal protective equipment and provides greater flexibility in production, as the work can be performed without odor or special requirements or shutting down surrounding processes due to environmental hazards.
We eliminate toxic waste material and improve the carbon footprint from factories.
We ensure fast delivery globally – no expensive DG-fees for hazmat products – faster and greater flexibility for urgent deliveries – easier storage and handling for the customer.

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PFAS-free products: All our products are PFAS-free with no fluorinated teflon-related chemistry for the highest safety of your workers and our environment”.

Training courses

Granudan offers technical training courses in the awareness and beneficial use of waterbased release coat system in different environments. Learn how to increase lifetime of mold, achieve higher performance and reliability, limit time in reburbs, increase production output, minimize cost in finish, usage of only ¼ to competitive products, use of spraymops in blade-molds, learn how to adapt to external conditions. Interested? – Call us for further information. ​Besides Release agents, we also distribute complimentary products – such as tooling equipment, mop-systems, spray-pistols and surface finishing solutions in terms of polishing compounds and solid surface granules for the artificial marble industry. The products are very carefully chosen in respect of reliable performance, consistancy, quality, price and demand. Granudan posesses great knowledge of all our products. – This is necessary to retain the high level of service all our customers appreciates so much.

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