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Granudan Waterclean (Water-based)

The product is very effective and removes everything! Both sealer, release agents, etc. An obvious means of preparing surfaces for painting, or other processes that require a completely clean surface. At the same time, Waterclean has been developed to provide an effective water-based alternative to solvent-based cleaners such as “Granudan Mold Cleaner“.

The product should be used with water and may not dry out on surfaces. We recommend using water for removal.

This product is easy to use and contains no (PFAS) fluorine-containing substances and is therefore not harmful to the environment or in the production.

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Granudan Waterclean

Product information:

Granudan Waterclean is a water-based cleaner. This product is a highly effective and environmentally friendly agent that can solve the tasks and fulfill the requirements that are placed on the modern production company today.

Fortunately, it is now possible to replace a variety of unhealthy solvents with more environmentally friendly products, and we have developed one such product here.

Waterclean eliminates the need for sanding and washing with solvents when preparing parts for painting, gluing or other processes that require a completely clean surface.

Our Waterclean is used for safe and effective cleaning of mold surfaces, as well as surfaces of pre-cast objects.

Granudan recommends using this product as an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based cleaners such as “Granudan Mold Cleaner“.


  1. Apply a small amount of Waterclean directly to the surface.
  2. Use a damp cloth “Granudan cotton cloths” (just dampened with water), then scrub the surface. Work in small sections until the entire surface is scrubbed. Do not let Waterclean dry on the surface. When cleaning very large surfaces, a polisher/grinding machine “Farecla G plus electric rotary polishing machine” can be used with coarser polishing discs.
  3. When removing Waterclean, only water is used. This can be done with a wet cloth or a water sprayer.
  4. Clean until all impurities on the surface are gone and it “feels” clean.
    – Make the water sample
  5. Dry the surface afterwards, either with clean dry cloths, or by using hot air or other application of heat to the mold surface.
  6. The surface is then ready for the application of sealer, such as “Granudan, Sealer BN201“.

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