Silicone Heating Blanket – 230V – 2500W, 0-120°C. Size: 2000x430mm. Uninsulated

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In collaboration with Kuhlmann, we sell these uninsulated industrial heating blankets are the optimal product when it comes to safely and effectively, having to heat elements to a specific temperature for up to 120°C.

The uninsulated Industrial heating blankets makes it easy to heat up many materials including composite, carbon, epoxy prepreg and ensure a safe and uniform temperature distribution on the surface of the material. The blanket therefore acts as a perfect heat spreader on the desired material.

Industrial heating blankets are used in many industries, including repair of wind turbine blades, repair and production of both the marine industry and the aerospace industry.

This blanket is designed in durable but flexible and light material with the ability of heating to a maximum temperature of 120°C. This blanket is without insulation which results in perfect contact and even heat spreading to the material.

Industrial heating high temperature blankets are produced with a controllable Jumo thermostat box.

Our heating blankets are available in many standard sizes with different output, which can be seen in the following specification. If a custom size and / or output is wanted, we are of course also able to deliver this. Contact us for more details as well as for delivery.

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