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Step 2B: Sealer agents

Step 2B: Sealer agents



Breez® Sealer GP

Breez® sealer gp

A very durable Sealer. Forms a protective shield on the mould or tool surface. Overcomes micro-porosity and restores a uniform surface extending the life of the release coating.

Curing time 30 min. 4 coats on composite moulds. Wipe-on/wipe-off

Approx. 130 sqm./liter

3,75 liter

Breez® BN201 Sealer

Breez® bn201 sealer

Our NON-VOC, waterbased alternative to Sealer GP. Can be applied with the unique Spraymop. Very durable and suitable in both epoxy & polyester productions.

Curing time 30 min.4-5 coats on composite moulds.

Approx. 130 sqm./liter

4 liter

Breez® Sealproof

Breez® sealproof

Sealer for high porosities, wood, plugs, steel, carbongraphite, aluminum and all types of composites. Increased solid content. Leaves a semi-matte surface

Can be spayed and wiped on with cloth - no wiping off.

Approx. 130 sqm./liter. Less with spray-up.

4 liter

Breez® Seal Matte

Breez® seal matte

Sealer to form a matte film on glossy mould. NOTE! Heatable postcuring at 100 °C. required.

Use Spray-pistol with 0,3 mm. Nozzle! 3 coats: 2 coast vertical,1 coat horizontal. DO NOT OVER-APPLY

Approx. 200 sqm./liter

2 liter & 4 liter

Chemlease Sealer 122L

Chemlease sealer 122l

Matte sealer, sprayed up. No release properties, but changes the conture of the surface to matte appearance. Apply 1x Sealer GP/Sealer EZ after curing.

Chemlease Sealer 15EZ

Chemlease sealer 15ez

Chemlease 15 Sealer EZ is a high performance sealer developed to condition and seal mold surfaces, reduce mold porosity and act as a base for new or reconditioned molds.

Chemlease 2702W

Chemlease 2702w

Newly developed Waterbased Sealer. For both Polyester and Epoxy.
Quick curing, leaves a dry durable film.