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Step 1: Cleaning agents

Step 1: Cleaning agents



Breez® Surface Cleaner

Breez® surface cleaner

Very effective cleaner of wax and styrene build-up.
Removes release coat – but not Sealer.

Use safety equipment!
Note! For improve tackyness use Surface Cleaner e.g. on flanges and edges

Depending on task.
Until surface is 100% clean.

3,75 liter

Breez® Waterclean

Breez® waterclean

Used with water. REMOVES
Can be used single or in combination with wet-grinding of moulds and parts.
Environmentally safe and effective water-based Cleaner.

May NOT dry out on surface. Use water for removal.

Very small consumption.

4 liter

Granudan Cleaner GR-08

Granudan cleaner gr-08

An effective decreaser.
Removal of surface contamination such as oil, soap,grinding dust. Will not remove Sealer.

Note: Can be used after WaterClean to remove grinding dust and water left in porosities.

Depending on task.
Until surface is 100% clean.

5 liter

Chemlease Mold Cleaner EZ

Chemlease mold cleaner ez

​Chemlease ® Mold Cleaner EZ is a special blend of solvents designed to dissolve and remove wax and dirt from composite molds. Ideal for preparing composite mold surfaces for the application of Chemlease ® Mold Sealers and Releases. Also excellent for cleaning brushes and equipment.