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Spraying pistols and equipment

​Granudan recommend the POLYCON Spay Gun for applications of our Solid Surface materials, and a Pneumatic spray-gun for application of Flex-Z release agents.


Below a quick description of each range of product.

Polycon Industrial Spray Gun


The Polycon Spray Gun uses a selection of plug-in nozzles and plug-in containers to spray a wide variety of difficult to spray materials.

Working with the Polycon means:

  • Low cost
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • Very Quick cleaning

Pneumatic spray-gun

The application spray-gun is made of a pressurized deposit and a specially designed pneumatic gun suitable for fine-spray of release agents.

With this gun, we are able limit the risk for over-application and still create a uniform release coat film on the mould surface. The gun has an extreme flexibility, easy to control and is adjustable in many aspects.