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Solid surface designs – Engineered chips

Solid surface designs – Engineered chips

Solid Surface coatings / colored granules

There are over 35 base colours in stock, each one is produced in 11 particle sizes. The combination of these colours and sizes enables us to create endless designs, shades and patterns. In addition, we continue to create special effects in order to add new dimensions to your surfacing products. As we say: ”The only limitation is your imagination”. The chips is blended into a NPG Isophotal polyester with added catalyst, before they are ready for spray-up (using our Polycon spray-Pistol) or using casting process on any type of surface. Architects are able to choose their specific design of colors and mixture for their job, and make their project innovative and unique. We also recommend composites mannufacturers for making Your ideas become real.

Below a quick description of each range of product:

Decorative Surface Solutions

Marine, Mass Transportation,Sports & Leisure, tub and shower, furniture (in Hotels, Pubs, Receptions, Restaurants), artificial marble, or general fiberglass applications. The granules is made with NPG Isophthalic resin, a blend of Aluminium Tri-hydrate and pigments free from heavy metals.

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After mixing the selected coloured particles into a NPG Isophthalic polyester resin you will be able to produce a stone finish. The mixed product can be spray applied directly on to the surface of the mould and can be reinforced with a variety of reinforcing materials.

The result is a hard wearing, repairable and seamable product, with a superb stone finish in vibrant colours. – but remember we can match any colour!

​Downloade our color-chart by clicking here:

Spray with Polycon Spraygun!

Granudan recommends to use the Polycon spraygun for spray-application of the mixed resin.With 9 sizes of nozzles the flexibility is high, next to the easy cleaning and very reliable performance.

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