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Polycon Industrial Spray Gun

The Polycon Spray Gun uses a selection of plug-in nozzles and plug-in containers to spray a wide variety of difficult to spray materials. Resins, gelcoat and adhesives as well as ordinary paints or Release agents can all be sprayed with the POLYCON gun.

Polythene containers and short, straight fluid passages virtually eliminate clean up and clogging problems even for fast re-acting resins. Operating on air pressure from 3.5 bars, rates of application can be very slow for fine work, up to 7 bars for fast spraying of large structures. The plug-in containers allow for quick change of colours or materials.

​Working with the Polycon means:

  • ​Low cost
  • Industry Standard for 20 Years
  • Fast, Uniform Coating
  • Easy to clean*
  • Easy to Use

​Nine sizes of nozzles are available. Nozzles range in size from no. 1 (0.8mm) to no. 9 (7.1mm) bore diameter.

Large diameters are for fast spraying of large areas or for spraying of high viscosity resins. Small diameters are best for better control in spraying small areas or for slower rates of application with low viscosity fluids such as thinned lacquer.