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Polishing & Grinding Compounds from Farécla Ltd.

​Granudan is representative of rubbing and polishing Compounds from Farécla Ltd. to the Windpower- and Composite-Industry.The Farécla range of rubbing compounds is designed for the removal of defects from all kinds of surfaces, providing a superior finish while improving efficiencies resulting in labor and material cost savings..

  • Removes abrasive marks, scratches, runs, overspray
  • Reproduces the colours and gloss level on the surface
  • Orange Peel, Dust Nibs etc. on the surface
  • Produces a high gloss finish.
  • Easy to apply
  • Cleaning of surface

​Process Chart – Composites:

Process Chart – Marine:

​Process Chart – Solid Surface:

Below a quick description of each range of product…​​

G-range – Automotive

Automotive; Aeronautics & Aerospace

Polishing paste from this very popular group of products consist of three types of rubbing compounds: G3 / G6 / G10; Each compound has its own individual properties, depending on the task in hand.

”Profile” – Marine/Composite surfaces


Marine, Mass Transportation, Wind Energy, Sports & Leisure, tub and shower, furniture, artificial marble, or general fiberglass applications.

​The products are based on new techniques, and specially developed to restore and improve the surface finish of Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy Resin Composite and Gel Coat surfaces.

Polishing / Grinding Pads – For all purposes!


Choose the recommended pad for each product – see production quide! Granudan offers the full range of polishing and grinding pads from Farecla. Look in the brochure, and contacts us for price and delivery! Farecla continously improves their range of grinding pads, so please check the website from Farecla for further details.. website: