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Polishing & Grinding pads – Choose the correct pad for the right job!

Granudan recommends the double-Sided Quick Change Wool Compounding Pad” for rough grinding tasks!


8” Double Sided Quick Change Lambswool Pad


  • Heavy duty Quick Change pad for longer working life
  • Leaves few swirl marks and polishes to a high glossKraftig hurtigskiftende polerskive som rækker langt
  • Fine cutting wool pad
  • Red wear indicator – line of red fibres woven into the pad to indicate when the pad is worn
  • Gives a greater cut than foam
  • To be used with Quick Change bolt adaptor

The Quick Change Double-sided Wool Compounding Pad offers the user additional benefits over competitor double-sided pads by incorporating a new quick release mechanism to enable the user to quickly change pads whilst ensuring that they are perfectly centred.

​The revolutionary red wool indicator also informs the user when the wool yarn has become untwisted and therefore lost cutting action – essential when working on hard to polish gelcoat surfaces.

Please refer to brochure from Farecla for more information and choice of pads!​

Screw Fit Adaptor

– Bolt adaptor for use with all screw fit applicators

​PART NUMBERS: DS-ADP14/6 (14mm thread or 16mm thread)

DS-ADP58 (5/8” thread​

Quick Change Adaptor

​PART NUMBERS: QC-ADPS14 (14mm thread)

QC-ADPS58 (5/8” thread)​