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Fillers / Microballons

​The product is used in a variety of final application like exterior insulation full systems, IEFS, sparkles, mortars, self-levelling floor compounds, BMC, SMC, brake linings, fire resistant products, covering mould castings, anti-noising compounds, underbody car protection, and PVC plastic soles.

​All our hollow spheres are of very high quality, and can withstand temperatures of up to 1600°C. You will find extensive, available information on various grades with their chemical and technical characteristics.

Below a quick description of each range of product.


CENOSPHERES IN 300 A90 is specified through a very high thermal and mechanical stability.

Increases mass volume with 4-6 times.

CENOSPHERES IN 300 A90 is being delivered in sacks of 25 kg

Extendospheres XOL 200

XOL 200 is a comparatively unique super-light filler, which consists of small stony glass microspheres. XOL 200 is greatly superior in many areas compared to other fillers – also economical – as the XOL 200 gives 8-10 times bigger volume for the same weight.

XOL 200 is being delivered in sacks of 9 kg.