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Eurosoll – sprayable ECO surface treatments​

What is EuroSoll?

Carbon dioxide as propellant – spray lubricants and surface treatment with an Eco-friendly, innovative approach

Granudan has once again expanding our product portfolio giving the heavy Industry an enviromentally alternative to strong solvents. EuroSoll is our new range of eco-chemicals manufactured in corporation with a highly experienced team of Danish Chemists using carbon dioxide as propellant instead of Brutan/Propane.

EuroSoll are found as specialized cleaners, decreasers and sprayable lubricants. Next to this, EuroSoll covers as list of specialized products such as Silicone- and Weldingsprays and leak detectors.

Improved Working environment
All our products contains carbon dioxide as propellant. Carbon dioxide ensures a much safer handling procedure, and leave most products with no requirements for DG-labelling.

5 advantages choosing EuroSoll:

​-The use of carbon dioxide removes Butane / Propane gasses from spray mists. – Better environment.

-Carbon dioxide is ejecting larger droplets / heavier particles, which minimizes aerosol mist. – Better environment

-Carbon dioxide is located in the top and bottom, and ensure minimal use of the product. Carbon dioxide as a propellant means less consumption and thus an economic advantage.

-​Carbon dioxide as a propellant causes no problems by spraying in freezing weather, etc.

-No expiration date.

-​All products are also available in liquid form, preventing sprayfog formation during application (available in 10 lit / 20 lit.)

(NEU-nur Englisch!)

New solution!

EUROSOLL is our newest range of Eco-friendly products. We have removed the use of Butane / Propene in these spraycans.

Again we are benchmarking the Industry providing a competitive strong chemical solution removing conventional toxics from working area.​

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