Zyvax, Flex-Z 1.0

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Zyvax Flex-Z 1.0 (Solvent based)

Flex-Z 1.0-6.0 is a release agent system for gel coating in six different levels of effectivity. We recommend “Granudan Sealer GP” when you start using Flex-Z. Only apply – do not wipe off. These products are fast curing

This product is easy to use and contains no (PFAS) fluorine-containing substances and is therefore not harmful to the environment or in the production.

The price is indicated per litres

NB: Minimum purchase 1 can (5 litres/3,5 kg)

Flex-Z 1.0: MINIMUM SLIP – Prevents pre-release and enhance adhesion from tapes.

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Granudan Flex-Z 1.0 from Zyvax


Flex-Z Description and working instructions

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