Sample package 2 / Water-based release agent – for epoxy and polyester

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Sample package 2 consists of the following 3 water-based products:

Granudan Cleaner GR-08

  • GR-08 is an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning agent that can replace solvent-based cleaning agents. The product is an effective degreaser, but does not remove solvent-based release agents.

BreeZ Sealer BN201

  • Sealer BN201 is an effective VOC-free and clear sealer that forms a protective shield on the mold or tool surface. Extends the strength and durability of the slip effect.

Granudan Aqua Slipcoat 506

  • The product is a universal water-based release agent consisting of polymer and liquid wax. Suitable for both polyester, vinylester and epoxy productions.

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Description of the water-based products Cleaner GR-08, Sealer BN201 and Aqua Slipcoat 506

  • Effective and environmentally friendly cleaning agent for removing wax, soap, dust and oils, among other things.
  • Water-based sealer that provides a semi-glossy film and a uniform surface.
  • Effective release agent with great durability, for example on rough materials.

Water-based form-release system in 1 liter can for plastics, composites and the wind industry among other things.