Sample package 4 / Smirdex 750 Ceramic Net 4 boxes

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The 750 Ceramic Net delivers better productivity and profitability, since clogging is minimised, offering thus the efficiency of higher performance and better surface finishing.

Thanks to the ceramic grains that it contains, Smirdex net is ideal for tougher and more demanding applications, such as on hard wood and other solid surface materials. It also offers an excellent performance and lifespan on primer sanding.

The net fabric structure permits maximum absorption of sanded particles, thus providing dust-free sanding with cleaner surfaces, where less time and effort are needed for cleaning up, and a much healthier working environment, protecting the worker from the dangerous sanding dust.

Recommended for:
Automotive, Composites, Wood

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Sample package 4 contains 4 different grain sizes from Smirdex – 750 Ceramic Net

  • Velcro Discs Ø150, P60, P120, P220 and P400, 50 pcs

The 750 series also provides excellent performance and durability when grinding primers.

Can be recommended for the automotive, composites and the marine industry


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