Sample package 6 / Smirdex 510 Velour Aluminium Oxide 4 boxes

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The 510 White Dry Sanding Line is a universal series of value-for-money products. It is suitable for the car body repair and marine industry, in order to sand primers, putties and varnishes. Considering the finer grits of the line, they are highly recommended for the furniture industry. Furthermore, they can be used for sanding wallboards and plasters in building constructions.

The open coat structure of the abrasive grain and the stearate top-coating enhance durability, preventing clogging and loading.

Recommended for:
Automotive, Composites, Wood and Marine

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Sample package 6 contains 4 different grain sizes from Smirdex – 510 Velour Aluminium

  • Velour Discs Ø150 15 holes, P40, 50 pcs
  • Velour Discs Ø150 15 holes, P120, P220, P400, 100 pcs

With the open layer structure of the abrasive grain and top coating, the 510 series increases its durability and prevents clogging and overloading.

Can be recommended for the automotive, composites and the marine industry.