Sample package 8 / Farecla G3 Pro

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Farécla package 8 consists of our new G3 Pro products from Farecla

G3 Pro Multicleaner

  • Removes oil and grease on all surfaces, a safe cleaning agent for many purposes.

G3 Pro All-In-One Polish

  • Restore the condition of many different surfaces and coatings. Leaves a high gloss finish.

G3 Pro Resin Superwax

  • Finish applying this concentrated wax.

G3 Pro Waffle Pads

  • The G3 Pro Applicator Waffle Pads reduce effort and increase effectiveness when applying G3 Pro products.

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The sample package 8 contains 4 different water-based products from Farécla G3 Pro

  • G3 Pro Multicleaner, 500 ml
  • G3 Pro All-In-One, 500 ml
  • G3 Pro Resin Superwax, 500 ml
  • G3 Pro Applicator Waffle, 2 pcs. pads

A complet product for cleaning, polishing and waxing with waffle pads.