Nozzles for Polycon no 7

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Nozzles for Polycon

Nine sizes of nozzles are available. Nozzles range in size from no. 1 (0.8mm) to no. 9 (7.1mm) bore diameter.

Large diameters are for fast spraying of large areas or for spraying of high viscosity resins. Small diameters are best for better control in spraying small areas or for slower rates of application with low viscosity fluids such as thinned lacquer.

Item no.:
PO260301 (1)
PO260324 (2)
PO260325 (3)
PO260326 (4)
PO260303 (6)
PO260330 (7)
PO260302 (8)
PO260306 (9)

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