Insulated lid for 1000 L container. Center top opening flap. Size: 1200x1000x100mm

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Granudan Universal Insulated Lid for 1000 L container

The IBC Top Cover is a universal lid that fits any standard 1000L IBC container.

The topcover can be used together with our IBC Container Heater

Using the lid together with a heater or insulation cover will minimize heating loss and help heating faster or maintaining temperature for a longer period of time.

The topcover has a strategically placed velcro pad to access the top opening of the IBC container.

  • Size: 1200x1000x1000mm

1 pc. per package

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Granudan Universal Insulated Lid for 1000 L container

An IBC container heater is the perfect solution when it comes to quickly and efficiently heating liquids and materials, making them very easy to empty with minimal to no waste product. They are also useful for protection against UV radiation. With this insulated lid, the temperature inside the container is maintained.

Granudan IBC container heaters are made of durable and long-lasting high quality lightweight design and the construction combined with “quick release” buckles means that they are easy to attach to any standard 1000 L container.

  • Insulated lid
  • Center top opening flap
  • Weight: 2 kg


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