Heater for 1000L IBC container. 230V-2x1000W, 0-90°C. Size: 4400x1000mm.

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Granudan Heater for 1000 L IBC container with dual heat bands

The container heater like this is the perfect product for heating liquid in a 1000 liter container (IBC container).

The container heater is equipped with up to 3 easily operated thermostats that can be adjusted from 0 – 90°C and thereby safely and quickly heats liquids to a desired temperature or ensures a specific viscosity of the contents of the container.

The IBC Container heater is designed in light and extremely long-lasting materials that, together with the included snap locks, make it easy to mount and remove the container heater. This also makes the heater optimal and easy to use for the transport of containers, where the contents must be secured at a specific temperature or viscosity.

For faster heating and reduced heat loss, it is recommended to supplement with an IBC insulated lid.

The IBC Container Heater can be used to heat a wide range of liquids, including water, resin, oil, diesel oil and many other industrial liquids and allows them to be pumped or poured out of the container without problems.

  • Volt/Watt: 230V-2x1000W
  • Degrees: 0-90°C
  • Size: 4400x1000mm

1 pc. per package

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Granudan Heater for 1000 L IBC container with dual heat bands

An IBC heating jacket is the perfect solution when it arrives for quick and efficient heating of liquids and materials which makes them very easy to empty with minimal to none waste product. They are also useful for protection against UV radiation.

The jackets are made of durable and long-lasting high quality lightweight design and construction combined with quick release buckles make the jackets easy to put on any standard 1000L container.

  • Shown with lid
  • Polyester insulation
  • Dual heat bands
  • Digital controller
  • Weight: 14 kg


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