Heater for 1000L IBC container. 230V-1300W, 0-40°C. Size: 4400x1000mm. Digital.

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When in room temperature many materials often become viscous, which makes them harder to discharge from an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). In specific syrup, sugar, fats and others are difficult to discharge and often result in wasting products due to the thick viscosity not being able to leave the container.

This can end up being an expensive process unless you heat the (IBC) container first to make materials smoother and less viscous.

An IBC heating jacket is the perfect solution when it comes to quickly and effectively heating up fluids and materials making them very easy to empty from a container with minimal to no waste product.

The IBC heater is prodcued with either 1, 2 or 3 thermostats, all adjustable from 0 – 90°C, making the container heater very fast and safe to heat liquids and maintaining the wanted viscousity for the content in the container.

The IBC heater jacket is designed in a durable and long lasting high quality lightweight design and the construction together with quick release buckles makes the container heater easy to attach to any standard 1000L container.

This also makes this heater perfect to use when transporting 1000L containers with content that requires specific temperatures or viscosity.

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