GRANUDAN, Epoxy & Poly Cleaner, 25 Liters

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Granudan Eco-friendly Epoxy & Poly cleaner

Eco Epoxy Cleaner is delivered ready for use as a formulated cleaner in a 25 liters can. ECO Epoxy Cleaner is different from the use of Acetone and Methylene Chloride as it does not evaporate. It gives an effective advantage if you grease the tools with ECO EPOXY CLEANER and leave it on for a short time before wiping it off.

When it comes to cleaning of the machineries, the procedure is more or less the same as with the use of Acetone. You can, however, leave the Epoxy Cleaner in the machine and tubes for a longer period of time compared to Acetone, and you can choose to let the machine pump back the liquid into the feeding tank or a spare bucket for re-circulation/re-use of up to 5-7 times.

Washers and tubes do not dry-out or crack, and opposite to Acetone.

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Minimum purchase 1 can (25 litres)

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Granudan Epoxy & Poly Cleaner

Cleaning of hand tools and machinery in general, the following way:

  1. Prepare a “bath” in a bucket/basin with Epoxy & Poly Cleaner
  2. After use leave the impregnated tools for a short time in the bucket (maybe overnight) to allow the uncured resin to loosen from the tools
  3. Take out the tools and let them drip-off, or wipe them clean with a dry cloth
  4. If tools are still too greasy use a (waterbased) decreaser (e.g. Granudan GR-08) or maybe use atmospheric pressure to quick dry clean
  5. Suggestion / Idea: make a 2-bucket system. First one with Epoxy & Poly Cleaner to loosen the resin of tools, and then secondly a bucket with Granudan GR-08 (mixed with 50% water) to quickly remove any greasy residues on the tools and dry clean
  6. When cleaning the brushes/rollers/scissors with wipes squeeze the liquids into the handtools and back into i.e. a bucket.


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