GRANUDAN, Enviroshield, 4 Litre

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Granudan Enviroshield (Water-based)

Our Enviroshield (a BreeZ product) has a medium/high release effect, contains no solvents and has a water content of 96-98%.

Enviroshield has been developed for larger molds where the items are generally easier to demould. We recommend this product for, among other things, epoxy productions with the use of gelcoats..

This product is easy to use and contains no (PFAS) fluorine-containing substances and is therefore not harmful to the environment or in the production.

Curing time: 15 min between applications, 30 min after last application

Thermal stability up to 260°C

Approx. 130 sqm./liter.

The price is indicated per litres

Minimum purchase 1 can (4 liters)

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Granudan Enviroshield

Product information:

Granudan Enviroshield is a water-based release agent. This product is a highly effective and environmentally friendly agent that can solve the tasks and fulfill the requirements that are placed on the modern production company today.

Today, fortunately, it is possible to replace a large number of health-damaging solvents with more environmentally friendly products, and this is such a product that we have developed here.

Our Enviroshield is an exceptionally strong water-based release agent that can be used on all types of surfaces.

Enviroshield is used for larger molds and for molds where the molded parts are easy to release.


  1. Soak a clean, soft, lint- and lint-free cotton cloth. The cloth must be just exactly soaked, but not dripping.
  2. Apply Enviroshield with a light hand without rubbing hard, on an area corresponding to approx. 50 x 50 cm.
    A wet pearly surface will appear. Wait 1-2 minutes.
    Wipe afterwards with a clean, soft, lint- and lint-free cotton cloth, harsh rubbing is not necessary (turn the cloth frequently so that the wet release agent is constantly being wiped off with a dry cloth).
    Continue until the entire mold is processed. A wet continuous surface should appear.
  3. Apply 2 layers of Enviroshield release agent, as described in point 2. Between each application, the form should dry for approx. 15 minutes.
  4. After the last layer, the mold must harden for approx. 30 minutes at a room temperature of 18-21°C.
  5. Important: Before applying the gel coat, wipe the mold surface with a clean, soft lint- and lint-free cotton cloth or mop for larger molds.
  6. The mold is now ready for many demouldings before a new application of Enviroshield is necessary.

Before application, the mold must be properly sealed using, for example: “Granudan Sealer GP“, “Granudan BN201” or “Granudan Sealer 800W”.
For worn mold surfaces or surfaces with large porosity, we recommend using our primer “MPP C2698W” before applying sealer and release agent.

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