Farecla G3 Pro High Shine Shampoo 500 ml

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Farécla G3 Pro Product

1 pc. per package

G3 Pro Shampoo delivers a high foaming action with special lubricants that provide a smooth, easy glide use to remove harsh contaminants without scratching.

Highly concentrated formula means a little goes a very long way (20ml of shampoo : 10 litres of water) – great quality to value ratio

  • High foaming action
  • Contains special lubricants for a smooth, easy glide use
  • Hydrophobic protection
  • Safe for all shiny surfaces / finishes

Recommended for all vehicles

500 ml

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Farécla G3 Pro Shampoo

The perfect shampoo for the high shine result

Further detail:

The system with 2 buckets:
– Bucket 1 = 500 parts lukewarm water: 1 part product (10 L: 20 ml)
– Bucket 2 = clean, lukewarm water

  • Place a washcloth in the shampoo solution
  • Wash the vehicle, with the soaked cloth, in sections
  • Clean the cloth in lukewarm clean water between washes to remove dirt
  • Place the clean washcloth back into the shampoo solution and clean the rest of the vehicle, washing the cloth

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