Fine-Spray Gun – Manoli Mini-06/08

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Pneumatic Spray Gun-duo (Complete Package)

Granudan spray gun is designed especially for handling sprayable liquids with very low viscosity.
Our pneumatic spray gun is extremely suitable for applying our Flex-Z release agents and/or other water-based release agents.

Fine coordination of precision-made nozzle, needle and air cap gives an atomization result which, especially when applying release agents, gives an extremely smooth coating in molds and other recesses.

These agents provide a smooth finish of fine droplets to the surface when applied with this gun.

The spray gun has two inputs, one for product and one for air compressor.
With a regulator, you can easily control the air passage, and a spray regulator makes it possible to adjust the amount, range and spray angle of the release agent during application.

The short gun body and the Duo-feed hose, which passes liquid and atomizing air through the grip, always provide comfortable handling.

Worldwide, this highly practical gun is most popular in the thermoplastics and foundry industries. In accordance with the latest regulations, only CFC-free release agents will be permitted.

Furthermore, the spray gun has an attractive price level.

1 piece. per package

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Manual and introduction for pneumatic Spray Gun

A compressed air hose of ½ inch in diameter will be used to feed the equipment.

  1. Open the product and air stopcocks
  2. Open completely the product, pressure, and air regulating valves (regulating at maximum pressure)
  3. Disconnect the equipment from the compressed air inlet
  4. Depressurize the deposit pressing the trigger until it is depressurized
  5. Fill the deposit with a liter of FLEX-Z and close it
  6. Close the air stopcock and open the product one
  7. Connect the equipment to the compressed air inlet
  8. Press the trigger and bleed until only product free from bubbles flows through the transparent tube

Pneumatic spray gun flex-z

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