Farecla G3 Pro Resin Superwax, 500 ml

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Farécla G3 Pro Product

1 pc. per package

G3 Pro Resin Superwax is an interlinked protection system constructed a specific blend of waxes to provide an easy to apply concentrated liquid wax with unprecedented protection for up to 4 months and mirror gloss finish.

The wax protects bodywork from the everyday traffic film that builds up on the surface.

  • Long-life, high gloss finish
  • Easy glide wax
  • Up to 4 months protection

Recommended for cars, marine and caravans, among other things

500 ml.

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Farecla G3 Pro Resin Superwax

An easy glide liquid wax that gives surfaces a durable, high gloss finish

How to use:

  • Clean and dry surfaces thoroughly before use
  • Shake the bottle well before use and make sure the panels are cool
  • Apply product to a G3 Pro Black Applicator Waffle Pad (or clean, dry microfiber cloth)
  • Use circular overlapping motions with even pressure and avoid plastic strips
  • Let dry to a haze
  • Wipe gently with a clean, dry microfiber cloth

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