Farecla G-Mop wool compounding single-sided pad

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Farecla G-Mop wool compounding single-sided pad

Our G-Mop, single-sided pad is a 4-layer, 100% wool applicator. It has the highest cut of any polishing applicator.

Single-sided pads are ideal for when polishing different coloured surfaces or when using different products.

1 pc. per package

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Farecla G-Mop. Wool compounding single-sided.

Use the single-sided wool pads for sanding and polishing with our Farecla products.

  • G-Mop Twisted Wool Compounding Pad is 100% Wool Pad
  • Highest Cutting Applicator
  • Available as Single & Double-sided
  • G-Mop 8″ / 200 mm

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