Farecla G-Mop Flexible Back Plate 8″

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Farecla G-Mop. Flexible Back Plate, 8″

Our G-Mop, flexible backing plate allows improved handling performance.

Flexible Back Plates allow applicator pads to ride swages and contours for ease of compound application in difficult areas.

Our flexible yellow back plates is also available in 6″. “Farecla G-Mop. Flexible Back Plate 6

  • Granudan sells the following sizes back plates 6″ and 8″

1 pc. per package

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Farecla G-Mop. Flexible Back Plate.

Use the flexible backing plate when working on lowered areas where there is a risk of burns.

The flexible back plate is used together with our lamb wool pad. “Farecla G-Mop. Lambs Wool Pad 8

  • Yellow flexible back plate
  • G-Mop 8″ / 200 mm

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