Drum heater for 25L – digital. 230V-380W, 0-200°C. Size: 1200x400mm.

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In collaboration with Kuhlmann, we sell these drum heater which are perfect for drums where you want to keep the content at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or keeping the content from freezing.

Equipped with an easy to use thermostat with a heating range from 0 – 200ºC makes this drum heater ideal for almost any purpose (the maximum temperature can vary due to the maximum temperature of liquids).

The high temperature range drum heaters are designed in a durable and long lasting high quality lightweight design and the construction together with quick release webbing straps makes the drum heater easy to attach to any standard size metal drum.

The durable material and the tight drum fastening straps make the drum heater optimal for transporting and at the same time very long lasting.

Drum heating jackets are an ideal supplement to drum heating cabinets where the jacket is mounted to a single drum or container. The drum heating jackets can also be used in conjunction with heating cabinets or heating ovens making transportation of a heated drum or container much easier and the heat loss minimal to none.

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