Clean and Protect Spray, 1 litre

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Farecla Clean and Protect Spray

Clean and Protect an easy to use “wipe on, wipe off” product.

  • No silicones. No VOC. Pleasant smell.
  • Streak-free. No stains. No residue – even on textured plastic trims.
  • Friction-free, high gloss finish.
  • Long lasting protection.
  • Use on paints, gelcoats, glass and trims.

Powerful cleaner – Rapidly removes compound and masking tape residues, fingerprints and dust – but also harsher contaminants such as birdlime – from paint, glass, rubber and plastics

Gloss enhancer – creates a friction-free layer enhancing clarity and the depth of glossy surfaces

Protective barrier – Adds a silicone-free layer of protection to the surface, providing long-lasting water beads and easy-to-clean properties

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Farecla, Clean and Protect Spray

Clean and Protect Spray is harmless, silicone-free and contains no VOC.

The cleaning agent easily and conveniently handles even more stubborn residues such as bird droppings, in addition to facilitating the work of removing polishes, glue residues and fingerprints etc. – regardless of whether it is on lacquer, glass, plastic (including plastic with textures) and/or rubber, without leaving unsightly streaks on the surface.

In addition to the product’s versatility, the new product leaves a friction-free, long-lasting and protective film on the surface – water-repellent for up to 1 month, and a degree of scratch resistance.

Regardless of the nature of the clear coat to begin with, the finish is enhanced, leaving a high gloss/glossy finish. It is also noteworthy that the product can also be used on satin or matte surfaces with excellent results.

The protection element is a real bonus for paint and prep shops and the product perfectly complements the entire Farécla polishing range.

How to use:

  1. Spray liberally onto the surface
  2. Use a clean, microfibre cloth to immediately wipe off polishing residues, glue lines etc.
  3. Using a 2nd clean, dry microfibre cloth, buff the surface




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