GRANUDAN, Sealer GP 3,75 L

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BreeZ Sealer GP (Solvent based)

BreeZ Sealer GP release agent overcomes micro-porosity and restores a uniform surface when used in a mold repair or patch. Highly acknowledged and effective sealer for protecting molds and tools. Extends the strength and durability of the slip effect.

For a water-based alternative we recommend BreeZ Sealer BN201

Curing time: 30 min in room temperatures at minimum 20°C. The number of layers depends on the surface quality of the mold. (four coats on composite molds)

Approx. 100 sqm./liter.

The price is indicated per litres

Minimum purchase 1 can (3,75 litres)

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GRANUDAN Sealer GP 3.75 L

BreeZ Sealer GP is a clear, flexible film that forms a protective shield on the mold surface.
In addition, BreeZ Sealer GP provides the necessary base to extend the life of the slip coating
and will allow optimal performance from the coating.

  • Overcomes microporosity in mold surfaces.
  • Eliminates break-down time for new molds and/or tools.
  • Restores a uniform surface when used in a form of repair or patch.
  • Protects the surface of the mold against styrene emission and wear and therefore extends the lifetime of the mold.

Technical data sheet for Sealer GP

 TDS BreeZ Sealer GP UK

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