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Granudan has expanded our consulting activities, and now customers are able to hire a Team of external operators for a specific timelimit project related to surface treatment and mould maintenance – read below!

Consultancy & training / release agents / surface treatment!
Added Value to our customers:!

​Granudan is an independent supplier and advisor selecting the best suitable products from the biggest – and most reliable – manufacturers of release agents. Our mission is continously to ensure an optimized mould maintenance program achieving great costs- and time-savings for our customers! We intend to think long sighted instead of short sighted. Customers is reminded to include all process- and production savings when comparing different release agent solutions. A high quality, specified release agent programme provides significant more savings than simply comparing a price per liter.

​Now we even can offer an extra ressource and onsite technical assistance to your existing maintenance team if they need an extra hand in e.g. holidays or weekends, where molds often are out for refurbs (repairs, sanding, sealing, release treatment)

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​Why is a reliable, consistent mold surface treatment important?:
  • More stable daily process, number of demouldings
  • No unplanned production stop
  • Less repairments in mould surface
  • Less finish hours
  • Longer lifetime for moulds
Our service include:
  • Improved understanding in the use of release agents
  • Technical training of mould preparation operators
  • Consultancy in maintenance requirements for blademoulds:
    • Increase the life-period of moulds / cost-benefit analysis!
    • Implementation of log-reports (condition of mould)
  • New improved working methods:
    • Methods for a quicker and more reliable, consistence application (despite differences in skills, workers, environment etc).
  • Consulting in new tools for improved production processes.
    • New technical tools for cleaning and application.
  • Analysis of surface mistakes – what to be aware of?
    • What causes e.g. pre-release and delamination? How can we prevent these errors, and save time in finish?
  • Consultancy in working environment:
    • How does the temperature, humidity, high or low airpressure influence on the demoulding process.
    • How can we adjust treatments from Summer to Winter? When? And what indicators should we look for?
  • Interactive training videos – We produce interactive training materials such as videos/DVD´s of application methods in windblade moulds along with relevant documentation! – Customized in own production environment to improve understanding and reception from new employees with different language, cultures, skills etc.​
Global presence:

We offer technical training to new and existing customers whether you are located in Europe, Asia, Africa or America.

“The Golden Circle”: “What”, Why”, “How”
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External Team of operators?

Through our consultancy company “MouldProtec” customers now has the opportunity of hiring a team of operators or a supervisor. It could be a timelimit period for a specific projects related to mould treatment, mould build, or general update & training of old & new employees. Obtain the needed skills and benefits ensuring:

  • A longer lifetime of Your moulds,
  • Improvíng the environment by switching to solventfree environment,
  • And gaining huge savings due to less production

Call us about your plans & project(s) – you might be surprised about our very reasonable & fair pricing. Look also at