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Chromat – Decorative Surface Solutions

​Granudan distributes polyester based decorative granules in bags of 25 kg. Most colours are in stock for quick delivery. Our granules are used in a variety of applications including the casting of polyester, and acrylic solid surface products, epoxy flooring and many others. We also supply an approved transparent NPG Isophthalic polyester resin for the mixture with granules.

The granule product

The granules is made with NPG Isophthalic resin, a blend of Aluminium Tri-hydrate and pigments free from heavy metals. The mixture is fully hot cured at temperatures exceeding 160ºC to produce a highly resilient, hard and stable product. The granules are classified with ISO approved stainless steel screens in order to achieve reliable and consistent particle sizes. Granudan delivers the granules in bags of 25 kg.

Colour range

There are over 35 base colours, each one is produced in 11 particle sizes. The combination of these colours and sizes enables us to create endless designs, shades and patterns. In addition, we continue to create special effects in order to add new dimensions to your surfacing products. By request of new colours we always send a 5 kg. sample for approvement of colour before we continue production.Please go to “download-center” for colour-chart.

The process – How does it work?

The granules is being mixed into a NPG Isophthalic polyester resin that comprises the selected coloured particles to produce a stone finish. The mixed matrix is spray applied directly on to the surface of the mould and can be reinforced with a variety of reinforcing materials. After curing the result is a hard wearing, repairable and seamable product, with a superb stone finish in vibrant colours.

Typical properties of the cured matrix:

  • ​Fire retardant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • UV Stabilized.
  • Food Safe (No organic pigments).
  • 30 % harder than ordinary gel coat (Post cure is required).
  • Scratch resistant (Used for flooring).
  • Compatible with most release agents.
  • No pre-release.
  • No need for a coat of clear gel coat.• No Stress cracks (Due to inconsistency in thickness of the surface coat).