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Consultancy & training / release agents / surface treatment!
​​Added Value to our customers:!

​Learn how to achieve huge costs- and time-savings with an optimized mould maintenance program! Think long sighted instead of short sighted. Remember to include all process- and production savings when comparing different release agent solutions. A high quality, specified release agent programme provides significant more savings than a price per liter.

​Why are mould maintenance with a reliable, consistent surface treatment important?:
  • More stable daily process, number of demouldings
  • No unplanned production stop
  • Less repairments in mould surface
  • Less finish hours
  • Longer lifetime for moulds
Our service include:
  • Improved understanding in the use of release agents
  • Technical training of mould preparation operators
  • Consultancy in maintenance requirements for blademoulds:
    • Increase the life-period of moulds / cost-benefit analysis!
    • Implementation of log-reports (condition of mould)
  • New improved working methods:
    • Methods for a quicker and more reliable, consistence application (despite differences in skills, workers, environment etc).
  • Consulting in new tools for improved production processes.
    • New technical tools for cleaning and application.
  • Analysis of surface mistakes – what to be aware of?
    • What causes e.g. pre-release and delamination? How can we prevent these errors, and save time in finish?
  • Consultancy in working environment:
    • How does the temperature, humidity, high or low airpressure influence on the demoulding process.
    • How can we adjust treatments from Summer to Winter? When? And what indicators should we look for?
  • Interactive training videos – We produce interactive training materials such as videos/DVD´s of application methods in windblade moulds along with relevant documentation! – Customized in own production environment to improve understanding and reception from new employees with different language, cultures, skills etc.​
Global presence:

We offer technical training to new and existing customers whether you are located in Europe, Asia, Africa or America.

“The Golden Circle”: “What”, Why”, “How”
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External Supervisor?

Through our consultancy company “MouldProtec” customers now has the opportunity of hiring a team of operators or a supervisor. It could be a timelimit period for a specific projects related to mould treatment, mould build, or general update & training of old & new employees. Obtain the needed skills and benefits ensuring:

  • A longer lifetime of Your moulds,
  • Improvíng the environment by switching to solventfree environment,
  • And gaining huge savings due to less production

Call us about your plans & project(s) – you might be surprised about our very reasonable & fair pricing. Look also at