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Your partner and consultant in green release solutions.

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Protective coatings to the Plastic, Composites & Wind Industry

Your partner and consultant in green release solutions.

Products for all stages of mould maintenance

Specialist in Green Chemistry

Expert knowledge and experience


Granudan is the exclusive supplier of innovative products and equipment for high advanced composites and various types of ordinary plastic mouldings. We are a technical partner who designates the best suitable products with a practical approach. Our mission is to continuously ensure an optimized mould maintenance program for our customers, thus ensuring the highest possible economic and time savings. We are experts in green solutions and our ambition is to ensure that green chemistry takes a greater place in several productions and industries – for the workers and our world.

Feel free to contact Granudan ApS to find out more about our solutions for composite moulding and maintenance. You can call us at phone +45 44 84 37 56 or you can write to us at

» Large selection of efficient release systems

Our Products

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Release agents

Release, sealer, primer, cleaner, water-based, spray, wax, semi-permanent, and internal


Application tools

Mops, pads, handles, rubber shoes, and spray guns

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Epoxy Cleaner

Formulated cleaner, environmentally friendly replacement of Acetone

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Solid surface designs

Over 35 different base colours, creation of endless different designs


Mould Sanders

Unique portfolio of sanding equipment for composite surfaces



Rubbing and polishing compounds and equipment

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Service partner, assistance, repairs, and experience


Solid surface designs

Over 35 different base colours, creation of endless different designs


Abrasive discs

Abrasive discs, sanding machines, and sanding accesories

Industries we serve

Our products are used in many productions and industries such as wind turbine blades, automotive, marine, aerospace, sports equipment, military, artificial marble, polymer concrete and for other composite materials and common fiberglass mouldings.


Our field of expertise is Green Chemistry solutions for Wind Turbine Blade manufacturing on a global basis. We recommend our water-based release agents


Especially our polishes and release agents are used for both maintenance of boats and moulds in the Marine Industry


Our release agents, abrasive solutions for wet sanding, and polishing pastes are ideal for the Automotive Industry

Artificial marble

Use our engineered chips, release agents, and abrasive solutions in artificial marble productions