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Protective coatings to the Plastic, Composites & Wind Industry
Granudan is the exclusive supplier of innovative molding products and equipment for high advanced composites and various types of ordinary plastic molding. Our field of expertise is Green Chemistry solutions for Wind Turbine Blade manufacturing on a global basis.

Our product portfolio of Release agents emphases some of the best brands for each Industry sector! Solventbased as well as waterbased semi-permanent release coats, Internal as well as external release coats, canuaba waxes or even combined polymer/wax coats. Our exclusive “BreeZ” products are developed specifically for the Wind Turbine Blade manufacturing in close corporation with the chemical team of Zyvax Inc. (now part of ChemTrend L.P.) Our waterbased products are still benchmark for the Industry, from which we provide the best suitable solution specified for your molding challenges and requirements.


Today we have a well-tested and proven eco-friendly release agent solution replacing most toxic chemicals from working area – combined with quick application techniques, innovative tools, extensive training materials, no safety precautions, clean environment . It´s not only products – it´s a solution – with a practical hands-on approach. A correct release program increases mold lifetime, achieve greater production output between application, ensure consistent performance, simplify and optimize application process, get fewer repairs, less downtime during refurbs. Change into Green Chemistry and improve working environment is our mission.


Since 1999 we have been fortunate to work close together with leading Wind Blade manufacturer. This has given us an unique understanding, and contributed to solid knowledge and ability to adjust and solve most challenges related to our products in a production contexts. Know-how and hands-on experience is the essence of our business philosophy, which creates the necessary reliability and trust from our customers to follow recommendations and advice. With our global approach, we enable allignment and knowledge sharing between different sites.

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Granudan is the exclusive supplier of molding products and equipment for molding composite parts and various types of ordinary plastic molding. In this regard, we are exclusive partner and supplier of unique slipcoats and release agents for Zyvax and ChemTrend, used for example in the production of wind turbine blades, automotive, marine, aerospace, sports equipment, military, artificial marble, polymer concrete and other composite materials and other common fiberglass molding.

Granudan is an independent supplier and technical partner who designates the best suitable products with a practical approach, and from trusted leading manufacturers of mold release agents. Our mission is to continuously ensure an optimized mould maintenance program for our customers, thus ensuring the highest possible economic and time savings.

Feel free to contact Granudan ApS to find out more about our solutions for composite molding and maintenance. You can call us at phone +45 44 84 37 56 or you can write to us at

Green Chemistry and Surface Molding solutions

Since 2013, we have taken over the full support of ChemTrend’s molding agents in both Denmark and Sweden to the composite Industry. This means, we are your local supplier with technical knowledge and day-to-day delivery for both ChemTrend, Zyvax and our exclusive BreeZ range. We maintain the stated prices from ChemTrend, so customers can only benefit from this setup. We have also expanded our exclusive BreeZ release program and combined the best from Zyvax with the best of ChemTrend into new products. See the list of the different release agents under “Step 3”.

This provides a unique product selection for industries that work with different types of composite materials, under different conditions, using several manufacturing processes, and with a variety of different mold surfaces.

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